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To serve and to please by dinjames
To serve and to please
"Bound in chains, Meira got closer to Zehdrunas, as if submitting to his loathsome advances. There was a slight glimpse of submission in her movement now, as she leaned forward to her captor.

-That's better slave. I have been waiting for this since I saw my men carry you into my fortress, you know?

-Yes- replied Meira.

-Yes, what?- Zehdrunas asked.

-.....Yes, master-

Zehdrunas could see that she was not resisting him. He truly broke this once fierce warrior and made her his servant. Surely it took less time than what he thought. Anyway, he would greatly enjoy his conquest now.

-Now, you will show me what others talents you have apart from dancing...."

Sequel to:

Next part:

Made with Daz.

Hope you all like it!!!!!!
Shall we spend the night together? by dinjames
Shall we spend the night together?
"Night fell upon the bleak land of Mehlej and with it came silence. The fortress which almost an hour ago was flooded with excesses and debauchery remained quiet now. Most of its guests were asleep, save for the fortress's master and his new conquest.

Two guards took Meira to Zehdruna's chambers. She was still bound in chains to avoid any sudden reaction from her part. The henchmen, amid laughs and insults, pushed the captive warrior, forcing her to enter her master's chamber.

The place was strongly perfumed, as if it tried to hide Zehdrunas' stench. A couple of brazers, burning bright, incessantly lit the room's decorated walls. At the centre of the room a canopy stood around a bed filled with cushions. She thought that it was almost too much luxury for a pig like the one who now lied comfortably at the bed.

The Desert Lord was pleased to see her. you are, slave. Come closer- he ordered.

Meira walked across the room towards her captor. Zehdrunas took the chains that restrained her in his slimy grasp.

-What a delightful sight seeing you chained by me, don't you think?

-Of course it is- Meira's answer made him laugh.

-Not so shy now I see. Good, I don't like silent women inside my chambers..."

Sequel to:

Next part:

Made in Daz a long time ago. In fact, this was suposed to be the only image of this particular story. I kind of liked it and then decided to expand it to a full chapter.

Hope you all like it!!!!!!
Not a reader by dinjames
Not a reader
"Meira doesn't like reading books. But give her a sword and a head to chop off and she's happy"

Made with Daz in two hours. It all started with a background I have already done. I tought it would be funny to put her in a library since she is a barbarian and haven't touched a book in ages ;p

Hope you all like it!!!!!!
Hello everybody! My name (username anyway) is Dinjames. First time writing a journal and I don't know if anybody will even read this, but what the hell, I had an idea that I wanted to share with anybody interested.
So, I wanted to give you the chance to decide the next chapter of my series of Meira's Tales. I'll post two options and you can let me know in the commentaries wich one I should do next. I think is a humble way to hank you for all the support you people have shown me, watching my page, favoriting my work, helping me to improve, among many other things. I'm really grateful for all that.

Anyway, here they are:

-Option A: Meira kills Zehdrunas while in his chambers and tries to find a way to rescue aanisa (you may suggest a way in which she does it if you like).

-Option B: Meira somehow is unable to finish Zehdrunas while they are all alone and her situation becomes even worst (you can also suggest what kind of troubles comes for her next)

So, there you are. Choose only one obviously. Let me know in the comments bellow which one did you choose and Thank you all so very much for the support.


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