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Sail to the East by dinjames
Sail to the East
"Meira told Aanisa as much as she could about her plan. First, about how she let herself be caught by Zehdruna's men to enter his fortress at the east.

She knew of a seaside town just a day away from Mehlej where pirates traded, among other things, slaves for the Eastern-Lord. She headed for the port's tavern. As the only woman inside, everyone turned their attention to her, specially three pirates who sat at one of the tavern's corners. Meira could hear them whispering Zehdrunas' name in their conversation. She smiled to herself while slowly finishing her bottle of wine. When she headed for the exit, the three men followed her. The bait was effective.

They approached her outside and unsheathed their weapons. Meira's plan was to allow this men to capture her, of course, but that didn't mean making things easy for them. She drew her own sword and fought her approachers. With her first stroke, one of them fell dead to the surrounding water. The one who seemed to be their leader was a decent swordsman, but Meira slashed him across the face regardless, tooking his right eye along the way. The battle went on until Meira resolved it was enough and she let the pirates disarm her. They immediately cuffed their defeated rival, took her aboard their ship and sailed to Mehlej."

Sequel to:

Made in about five hours between rendering and postwork. Rendered in DazStudio.

Hope you all like it!!!!!!

I'm here to rescue you by dinjames
I'm here to rescue you

The name was spoken softly, merely a whisper among the loudness of the chamber. Low enough for anyone to hear, even Zehdrunas. And again...

-Aanisa, here...- Meira said.

The young woman sitting next to her was taken by surprise by the sudden calling of her name.

-Me? How do you---. the young one began to express her confusion when Meira stopped her.

-Quietly, they could hear you. 

-How do you know my name? - insisted Aanisa.

-I was sent here to rescue you.

-Recue me? It can't be true. Why?

-Speak lower, girl. Your father asked me to release you from all this.

-My father! I can't believe it. How did he know where I was? It's been months since they took me away from home.

-I'll tell you later. First I must get you out of here.

-Get ME out? Really? You don't seem to be in a better situation than myself.

-Don't worry. This is just a temporary charade. I needed to get inside the fortress of this filthy pig in someway. Trust me, I can get you out.

Meira could see the disbelief in the eyes of Aanisa. But she would make sure to keep her part of the bargain with her father. She will rescue the young slave at all cost. And, on the way, she will make sure that Zehdrunas will never again ruin another life."

Sequel to:

Next part:

Made in two hours in Daz Studio. A little of postwork too. You will have to pardon my poor writing skills ;p

Hope you all like it!!!!!!
Drinks and Dances by dinjames
Drinks and Dances
"The Lord of the Desert sat back down on his throne and all his retinue continued feasting and drinking around him. There, at his feet for all to see, laid Meira, now his unwilling captive. Zehdrunas knew that a conquest like this deserved to be exhibited as a trophy and testament to his might.

Suddenly he
 clapped his hands and, from nearby, emerged one of his dancers who began to perform her arts at the rythm of the playing music. Her twirls and graceful moves bewitching everyone inside the throne room.

Meira for her part, had her sight fixed somewhere else. Now, as the performing dancer had put the
 surrounding scoundrels and the glutton lord in aweing trance, she moved silently towards the slave that sat at her side. Quietly she called her name......"

Sequel to:

Next part:

Text with help from :iconjazz316: . Thanks, buddy!

Rendered in Daz Studio in about four hours. Postworking was a pain! 

Hope you all like it!!!!!!

An unpleasant meeting by dinjames
An unpleasant meeting
"Meira was forced to climb to the throne where the desert lord stood. There, Zehdrunas introduced himself to his new prisoner.

-What brings you to my presence, darling?- Zehdrunas asked mockingly.

-Are you blind? It was those two weaklings that you have for lackeys.- Meira answered sarcastically.

-Zehdrunas laughed at such an impertinent answer- Haha! Did you hear that? This one has courage- he spoke to his retinue.

-Aren't you the smart one? I'm amazed. Maybe if you...-Meira was cut mid sentence.

-Silence!- ordered a not so amused Zehdrunas.-You will learn that inside this walls only my will matters. And I'm sure you'll do it quickly.

He spoke this words as he came closer until their faces were just inches away. Meira reacted with a grin of disgust as the smell of his breath was unbearable. Seeing this, further delighted Zehdrunas, who tried to kiss his prisoner.

Meira for her part, felt an almost unstopable urge to finish his life right there, but held her anger in check. Still it wasn't time to act. She would have to bear with Zehdrunas "hospitality" the best as she could for now."

Sequel to:

Next part:

Made with daz. Just little postwork.

Hope you all like it!!!!!!


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